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Social Distancing: The Do’s And The Don’ts

Social Distancing: The Do’s And The Don’ts


Since the novel coronavirus COVID-19 emerged at the end of 2019 we’ve all had to dramatically change the way we go about our daily lives. In a bid to buy time while we wait for the COVID-19 vaccines to become available, we’ve had to adopt a variety of tactics to keep the virus at bay. One of the most effective things we can all do is practice social distancing.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is one of the best ways to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19. Scientists and health experts recommend maintaining a distance of 6 feet from other people who are not members of your household. This is recommended whenever you are either indoors or outdoors. 

Why should we socially distance?

It’s well established by now that COVID-19 is spread through droplets when people speak, cough, sneeze or sing (essentially when anyone ever opens their mouth.) Studies have shown that if someone is within 6 feet of another person when this happens then the chances of infection are much higher. By maintaining a distance of 6 feet or more we lessen the chance of coming into contact with the droplets and therefore coming down with COVID-19. Social distancing is particularly important because in many cases, people are asymptomatic and therefore can spread the virus without knowing they are sick.

Social Distancing: The Do’s And The Don’ts

  • Do maintain 6 feet for other people at all times when in public spaces or at home with people who are not members of your household.
  • Do reduce the amount of time your spend in public space, only running errands that you couldn’t otherwise do from the safety of your home.
  • Do take a mask and hand sanitizer with you at all times in the event social distancing isn’t possible.
  • Don’t make unnecessary or unplanned trips where possible. 
  • Don’t assume everyone is observing social distancing rules, be vigilant at all times.


Countries around the world are beginning to vaccinate their citizens against Coronavirus in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We believe letting people know you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step in overcoming the virus. Once you have the vaccine you can buy your wristband here and let the world know you’re helping defeat COVID-19.